Sigma HRMS

Sigma Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

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Why do you need Sigma HRMS?
  1. Reduce the operational costs for physical records keeping, transactions of various types of HR related applications.
  2. Automate some of the processes which are conventionally manually executed by HR personnel
  3. Distribute some of the processes to non-HR employees, by introducing “Employee Self-Service” function.
  4. Minimise costs spent on HR processes.
  5. Reduce IT infrastructure costs and provides scalability of the system scope for future expansion, by having a solution hosted on a cloud platform.
  6. Measure HR-related performance (attendance, appraisal, training results, etc.) of the employees in a real-time manner.
Sigma HRMS Features:
  1. Employee Management Module
  2. Payroll Module
  3. Performance Appraisal Module
  4. Training Record Module
  5. E-Profile Module
  6. E-Leave Module
  7. E-Medical Module
  8. E-Claim Module
  9. E-Attendance
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