Sigma LMS

Sigma Sale Leads Management System
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Do you know your leads?
This is the total number potential buyers a business has contacted – or that contacted the business – over the course of a year. Leads are also known as “potentials” or “prospects.”

Do you know how many of your leads are your customers now?
This is the percentage of people that actually bought. If 10 people walk through a store and three people buy, that store’s conversion rate of 3 out of 10, or 30%, for that day.


We can show you your PROFIT with Sigma Sales LMS for as low as  RM1/= per day. 

What is LMS?
  1. Leads Management and Tracking System
  2. Organize Your Leads
  3. Sales Performance Measurement Tool
  4. Web based System
Why Do You Need LMS?
  1. Know your conversion rates
  2. Means to measure performance of sales
  3. Improve marketing campaigns through historical records analysis
  4. Know your customer acquisition costs

Major Benefits

1. Maximize potential and stretch value spent on marketing campaigns
  • Marketing campaign performance reports
2. Never lose out on leads follow up
  • Optimized information sharing
  • Email reminders
3. Measure performance
  • Reports on effort and effectiveness  of salesperson
  • Marketing Costs
  • Customer Acquisition