Sigma CARE

Sigma Customer Care Management System

SIGMA CARE Header-01Here in Sigma, we understand that you grow a business by keeping your existing customers and adding new customers…

Referrals and repeat business are the lifeblood of every great business …

We can assist you in managing your valued customers with Sigma CARE for as low as  RM1/= per day. 

What is CARE?
  1. Customer Support / Service Management System
  2. Manage and Organize Customer Support in a Systematic Way
  3. Customer List Database
  4. Web based System
Why Do You Need CARE?
  1. Manage and Keep track of Customer Service Records
  2. Know your Customer Needs
  3. Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention Rates
  4. Simple and Easy to Use Interface

Major Benefits

1. Keep track on all issues reported

  • Centralized Customer List
  • Optimized information sharing
  • Historical records
2. Measure performance
  • Reports on effort and effectiveness of support staff
  • Measure time spent on each case