SMPP Sigma Micro EMP (S.M.E.)

A web-based sales, purchase, accounting, inventory and manufacturing system that is cloud-ready.

Real time account and stock monitor for multiple outlets.

Factories’ production control with their inventory and accounts for costing.

Key Features

Sales Processing
  • Generation of quotations that are editable to customer change requests
  • Alert of customers with poor credit history or with outstanding dues
  • Configurable pricing can be sales type or specific to a customer
  • Real-time product costing to determine profitability during preparation of quote
  • Capturing of sales as Sales Orders - tabulated as Sales Demands to help with delivery planning
  • Printing of Packing Slip
  • Issuance of multiple invoices from a single sales order

Inventory Management
  • Management of product/SKU list and its quantity by stock locations
  • Calculation of stock cost (weighted average) real time automatically or user-defined cost
  • Record transfer of stocks between stock locations (warehouses, stores or consigned locations)
  • Detailed stock movement reports
  • Inventory planning report presenting an overview of immediate past and future demands and fulfilments
  • Stock quantity and cost adjustments are automatically reflected in stock valuation.
  • Stock take process to reconcile system and physical counts, with automatic adjustments to stock values.

  • Generate Purchase Orders to suppliers with support of multi-currencies
  • User authorization can be set for creation, approval and generation of Purchase Order
  • Recording of goods received (GRN) is cross-checked against issued Purchase Order
  • Automatic recording of stock quantity and cost upon GRN
  • Receipt of supplier Purchase Invoices matched to GRN or manual general ledger entry
  • Actual stock cost re-calculated automatically after capturing of purchase invoice

Accounts & Finance
  • Manual posting to general ledger for any period that is after a locked period
  • Account Receivable & Account Payable to handle customer and supplier processes such as invoices and payments with integrated postings to general ledger
  • Multiple bank accounts can be defined. Bank account, receipts or payments can be in any currency.
  • Bank reconciliation to match against bank statements
  • Generation of Payment Voucher, Payment Run report and much more

  • Defining Work Centre(s) for different work processes
  • Create and manage multi-level Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Planning reports such as MRP planning and suggested Work Orders or Purchase Orders
  • Create Work Orders, issuance of raw materials and cost calculation.
  • Issuance of raw materials will adjust the relevant stock quantities
  • Receipts of finished goods will adjust the relevant stock quantity and posting to general ledger